History of Holistic Indonesia

Traditional treatments in several countries since thousands of years ago have actually used the principles of holistic medicine in practice. In India and China, it has always emphasized that harmony, harmony and balance in life is a pathway to health conditions. Socrates always reminded him not to look at the body only in parts. Because one part of the body will really be in a really good condition if the other body parts are also good. Jan Christian Smuts in 1926 re-introduced the term holistic in the medical world, but then holistic just became a word without meaningful application.

The concept of holistic increasingly backward during the 20th century when the conventional West experienced significant progress in the medical world. Doctors and health practitioners are increasingly focused on seeing the body as small parts, and supported by the development of chemical drugs that are amazing. Various kinds of microorganisms are found as causes of disease so chemical drugs are printed as invaders and killers of these microorganisms. The community is even further away from the concept of holistic because almost all complaints of pain can be eliminated instantaneously by chemical drugs. The impact is that the body is made very spoiled by drugs, and the body is relatively rarely given the opportunity to work self-healing.

The holistic concept re-surfaces when doctors experience a deadlock in managing patients with chronic illnesses, convicted diseases that only last for a long time, terminal stage cancers, and the side effects of chemical drugs which are increasingly making dizzy. Chemical drugs that are very effective for relieving symptoms of the disease have almost the same greatness in causing bodily damage. That’s when doctors and health practitioners around the world began to re-think of the concept of a natural and comprehensive treatment with the hope of healing that can be achieved completely, not just to resolve the symptoms rather than the disease, which in turn will cause even more terrible diseases.

At this time many professional organizations of doctors who claim themselves holistic wing both inside and outside the country. Holistic education is growing rapidly, especially abroad. Many pharmaceutical factories started producing phytopharmaca and nutritional medicine products. This all shows that the tendency to think holistically is starting to develop.

Health is the most expensive treasure that is priceless and most coveted by everyone. Healthy people are rare creatures in the modern century, a century in which the medical world is increasingly sophisticated, the number of Hospitals and Medical Services is increasing and more powerful, the number of doctors is increasing, every year there are approximately 13,000 new doctors born in Indonesia. Ironically, the progress of the medical world is inversely proportional to the quality of public health which is increasingly vulnerable and infertile to various diseases so that Healthy People are a Rare Being in the 21st Century. Dr. Husen Ahmad Bajry is one of the nation’s best sons who in 1993 returned to Indonesia after pursuing 12 years of education in many countries. With a series of disciplines he has mastered, he wants to devote his knowledge to this nation.

With his knowledge and experience in many countries Husen Ahmad Bajry Ph.D is able to integrate various disciplines of Medicine (Conventional and Eastern / Compliment Medicine) which refers to the Holistic medical system by prioritizing Organic Food Nutrition (Bajry Organic Food) as its main medicine. Holistic Medicine is one of the disciplines that has been occupied and developed by him for years. Holistic Medicine according to his version is a medical system that treats, prevents and treats the body as a whole by restoring the balance of the body’s system optimally which involves the balance of physical, mental, emotional and psychological work by prioritizing food nutrition as the main drug.

In 1994, he established a Medical Rehabilitation Center with the concept of a Hospital Tourism under the name INDONESIAN HOLISTIC TOURIST HOSPITAL which is now renamed INDONESIAN HOLISTIC INTEGRATED RESORT HOSPITAL, which stands on an area of ​​30 hectares located in Purwakarta, West Java Province. INDONESIAN HOLISTIC INTEGRATED RESORT HOSPITAL stands under the auspices of PT. Holistic Indonesia.

Our VIsion & Mission

To become a hospital with the best tourism nuances in Indonesia in 2030, with professional and family services.


– Providing quality health services, oriented to the accuracy, safety and family.

– Increase the quality and competent human resources in the field of health

– Providing safe and modern health facilities and infrastructure

– Creating a beautiful, clean, healthy and comfortable environment.


H = Hope (Hope for Patient’s Healing)
O = Optimistic (Gives optimism)
L = Flexible (Flexible in socializing and communicating)
I = sincere (sincere in providing services)
S = courtesy (polite in behavior)
T = Painful (Painful in patient care)
I = Special (Special in the treatment system)
C = Deft (Deft meets the needs of the patient)

Holistic Concept

Holistic Medicine is one of the independent scientific disciplines and is a combination of various kinds of medicine (including western / conventional medicine systems and eastern medicine systems) that can be medically and scientifically responsible because it treats the body as a whole by restoring the workings of the body’s organs as a whole. optimal which involves the balance of physical, psychological, mental, and emotional work by prioritizing food / diet as the main medicine. The concept of holistic health is an effort that includes all of the preventive and promotive efforts that have been largely abandoned by health services in Indonesia in general, besides of course those that are curative and rehabilitative in nature. The concept of Holistic Health emphasizes more on efforts to eliminate the causes of the disease rather than the symptoms, and restore the normal functioning of the body which has a perfect body defense mechanism and self-repairing system (a system that allows the body to repair itself). A healthy diet (diet) is the basis of Holistic medicine.

If we look closely, the actual functioning of all body systems / functions is determined by a balanced nutritional intake and this is obtained by regulating a good diet. unhealthy eating patterns, will cause disruption in the body’s system functions that result in the body will get sick. Likewise, the disrupted system / function causes the body’s defense system to be powerless to stem the attack of disease from the outside and consequently the body will get sick. But health is not only about matters relating to the physical, in this case the WHO stipulates that health includes physical, mental, social, economic. This is called mental health and well-being!



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