about the founder

Husen Ahmad Bajry Ph.D, MD.MA, B.N.Y.D, D.I.Hom., D.C.C., D.I.Acu., D.I.N., D.I.Mag., D.Acu.P.C, D.I, K.S.C.

Born in the city of Purwakarta, West Java on May 19, 1966. He has studied in many countries various medical science. With scientific support and years of experience in the field of HOLISTIC MEDICINE, making him the First Expert and Pioneer in Holistic Medicine in Indonesia.

After going through a lot of struggle, finally, in the 1998, in the mountain valley near the city of Purwakarta, West Java, Indonesia, The First and Only Holistic Research Hospital (Indonesian Holistic Integrated Resort Hospital) was built in 30 hectares of land with the concept of Living With Nature.

''Be your own doctor And listen to your body''

Husen Ahmad Bajry, Ph.D

(The Founder And Pioneer Of Holistic Indonesia)

Holistic Medical team

Dr. Peter Kremser

dr. Fanni Fathihah. MARS

dr. Abdullah

dr. Muhammad Rifki

dr. Susilo Admodjo, Sp.PD.

dr. Anna Hasanahwati I.

dr. Dede Lia Marlia, Sp.A.

dr. Anisah Yulianty, Sp.Rad

dr. Zulfa Husen Bajry

dr. Sovy Sultanah

drg. Eka Putri YS, MM

dr. Fatimah S.Si

Farhan S. Farm, M. Farm, Apt.

Ramadh Wachedy, Amd.FT