Ozone Therapy

why ozone therapy

Ozone Therapy that has been actively developing over the last 15 years remains the priority of scientific investigations in many research centers and has deserved to be called as Medicine of 21st Century. Our many-years experience allows us making a conclusion that Ozone Therapy is characterized by simplicity of application, good tolerance by patients, almost full absence of side-effects or adverse reactions and high medical-social and economic efficiency. Ozone Therapy has a wide range of action, produces a bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, immunomodulating, antihypoxic, detoxication effect, is good tolerated by patients and has almost no side-effects. The use of Medical Ozone reduces treatment time, lethality and grade of disability.

Benefits Ozone Therapy

  • Ozone therapy represents a genuine alternative to orthodox medicine, particular in medical conditions where orthodox medicine does not offer an effective treatment, for example when the microflora is resistant to available antibiotics.
  • Ozone therapy is able to increase sensitivity of the organism’s microflora to antibiotics and potentiate the effect of traditional medicines when used as a complementary method of treatment.
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  • As compared with orthodox medicine, ozone therapy produces a more stable effect in chronic patients without causing any recidivations for a longer time.
  • Ozone therapy can be used in the period of early pregnancy in women of risk group related to intrauterine infection when the use of antibiotics is not allowed.
  • Ozone therapy can be successfully used in the treatment of many obstetric complications for the benefit of both mother and baby.
  • Ozone therapy has no age restrictions and can be safely and efficiently used from newborn children to elderly patients


  • As compared with orthodox medicine, ozone therapy achieves better results within a shorter time without causing any adaptation or resistance of the human body to this kind of therapy and without inducing any side effects, adverse reactions or complications.
  • Ozone therapy can eliminate side effects due to some medicinal treatment like chemotherapy.